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The CampusLogin experience has been little short of fantastic — our conversion rate has improved by almost 3%, our cancellation rate has decreased and probably the best benefit has been the improved performance overall of our sales staff.
Michael Conroy,
MTI Community College


Microsites deliver

A microsite (mini website) showcases your school to your target-market, with a priority on recruiting. Microsites work in partnership with web or print marketing, and gives your leads a simple call-to-action that you can track. 

Our Microsite solutions
Great Exposure will pare down your full site to concentrate on your recruitment priorities. Our custom-design microsites can be used to:
  • Market your specialized programs to their your audience
  • Provide a follow up for print or transit ads
  • Get leads in real time, with full contact details for immediate follow-up
  • Thoroughly track results
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KLC College
Le Cordon Bleu
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Will this program deal specifically with my interest as a flight attendant?
Ponoka, Alberta
wondering what the employment opportunities are in this field.
High River, Alberta
would I be able to get student funding, or financial assistant?
Edmonton, Alberta
would like all the info possible.
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
Would like to know how you go about getting your high school diploma online and what the fees are?
Didsbury, Alberta
   I have an interest in counseling in the area of psychology what grants are there in this area to do with instable wanting help.
Chilliwack, BC
 how long will the course be and how much is the cost..
Vancouver, BC
 Looking for all the info for youth and child care program.. Whatever campus
Coquitlam, BC
 What is the official cost of the course, I have been to others collages and they have roughly around 14,000
Vancouver, BC
1) What is the admission requirements, both general & specific to this program.  2) What are the application deadline dates for this year.  Thank you for answering these questions for me. Look forward to the answers.   Sincerely,   Brandon
Nanaimo, BC
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