Microsites deliver

A microsite (mini website) showcases your school to your target-market, with a priority on recruiting. Microsites work in partnership with web or print marketing, and gives your leads a simple call-to-action that you can track. 

Our Microsite solutions
Great Exposure will pare down your full site to concentrate on your recruitment priorities. Our custom-design microsites can be used to:
  • Market your specialized programs to their your audience
  • Provide a follow up for print or transit ads
  • Get leads in real time, with full contact details for immediate follow-up
  • Thoroughly track results
View some of our microsites

KLC College
Le Cordon Bleu
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How long does this course run and what will it cost?
Linden, Alberta
How long is program? And what are the costs?
Calgary, Alberta
How long is the course and how much does it cost? What certification do I get?
Priddis, Alberta
how long is the course and what is the cost of tuition, education amounts, and textbook amounts?
Calgary, Alberta
How long is the course, and is it distance learning, on campus or a combination?
Sherwood Park, Alberta
How long is the course?  Is it offered on line?  What certificate do u get?
Calgary, Alberta
How long is the course? and how much?
Edmonton, Alberta
How long is the Forensic Accounting course? How much does it cost? also is it funded with grants? Can it be done online?
Bow Island, Alberta
how long is the program? what are the requirements to apply in the program?
Edmonton, Alberta
how long is this course, and what kind or support do I get if I want/
Edmonton, Alberta
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